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     Antique Aubusson Tapestry Dual Hard-Sided Purse
     Victorian Edwardian French Hand Woven Handbag

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Today, I'm adding a Petit Point, Tapestry and Fabric purse category to Purse Street and this ultra fine, exquisite example from the approx. Victorian / Edwardian era, this eye-catching French Aubusson tapestry purse will be it's feature presentation. Every possible effort was taken to bring this purse to it's current radiant and superior condition. Each and every detail, from the inside out, as been fully and masterfully restored, you will not find another purse that will equal this antique treasure.

Vintage 1920 micro petit point purse with intricately carved French celluloid frame  Antique Art Nouveau purple beaded purse with portrait frame



Just check out those colors, they are vivid and alive, this is truly the most fascinating purse I have had the pleasure of working on in quite a long time. I have owned this purse for eight years but I honestly did not think I had the talent, patience or expertise to adequately restore this purse to a condition that I would want to own, that is, luxurious and grand. But when I decided to add this category to Purse Street, I knew I wanted something truly spectacular to offer you, so I took on this extremely delicate project. Basically this purse needed to be taken apart, cleaned and rebuilt. The exterior tapestry was quite dirty, the original silk lining was totally frayed, the interior stuffing and inner cardboard fillers were collapsing from age and all the attaching threads were failing. There were tense moments, especially cleaning the tapestry, which I am very pleased with the results. If I were a collector of these finer antique wardrobe accessories, this extraordinary purse would be a keeper, for sure.


In this close-up, you can see that this is a woven purse, this is not a petit point, it is made by hand, a woven tapestry from Aubusson, a southern region of France. Aubusson is well known for it's tapestries and carpets, famous since the 14th century The weave on this purse is exceptional and tight for the most part. My photos are very good and show the colors as they are. I have not exaggerated them in my photos and when you handle this purse, you will see that they are even nicer in person. I'm showing you a bounty of photos so that you can see every detail and judge this as a purse that you "must have", as you know there is not another like it in existence. This purse was made on an 8 sided silver plated frame. The elegant clasp sits tall and regal, 1⅜ inches above the frame and shows the influence of the Victorian era, as well as the Edwardian and Art Nouveau times of the earliest years of the 1900's.


The frame has a depth of 1 inch and is fully embossed and pierced around it's entire circumference. You'll notice the curly designs on both the embossing and on the clasp, this transitional purse begins to herald in the very expressive Art Nouveau era. The size of this 8 sided frame is 6 inches from side to side and 4 inches top to bottom, not including the fancy clasp which adds another 1⅜ inches. The original chain handle has a paper clip style appearance and although each link is subtly cut and etched, it does not compete with the purse for attention. The purse opens on a piano type hinge and the clasp closes with a gentle snap, all structural elements are wonderful.


Another commanding feature of this purse is the use of different tapestry designs on each side. For when only roses will do, you can carry or display this side of the purse and show off these bold and full-bodied roses with their multi pinks and deep wine burgundy tones. The background color is a light brown tone or beige brown, which really pops those roses. You will notice at the left of the top rose, a slight discolor which resembles a shadow. This was the only discolor that did not remove completely during the cleaning process but I promise, it is not distracting in the least and only lends to remind us that this is an antique purse, in which slight imperfections are to be expected. There are also a couple of other thin streaks of color in the brown tapestry but these are threads that have gotten in the mix of the silk threads, all original to the tapestry.


When I dismantled this purse, I was able to salvage the interior cardboard and use it as a template for the new pieces of cardboard, which stiffen the exterior sides of the purse, giving it body and rigidity. I also had been keeping some lovely vintage felting that I acquired years ago and it was the perfect replacement for the old and dilapidated interior stuffing, in fact, it is better quality than what was in there originally. I had some vintage silk that was essentially identical to the original color and texture, making it possible to replicate every interior detail to perfection. I added my own personality, by including a deep wine burgundy trim around the interior perimeter, as the original trim was not reusable. The original purse had a change purse, however it was too frail. I had a satin change purse I'd kept from an old French bag and placed it inside. When I did the unveiling of the finished product to my husband, my most dearest critic, he said, "You even made a change purse?", I just smiled. You will be delighted to see how closely the coin purse matches the lining. Thank you for spending some time with me and examining this antique Victorian - Edwardian French Aubusson tapestry purse from the approx. late 1800 -1900 era, I know it will melt your heart when you see it amongst your most treasured and cherished antique purses.


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