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Vintage 1940's English Petit Point Purse

Hand Embroidered in England Rare Evening Bag

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Vintage petit point scenic figural purse 1940 horses riders castles 

Today, I am delighted to offer this impressive hand embroidered evening point purse executed in the micro petit point stitch, made in England during the approximate 1940 - 1950 era. Although I have not found any historical facts concerning the company that produce this purse, I am confident at placing it's age to the 1940's era, however, it is more than possible that it could be substantially older, at least by another 10 or 20 years.

Vintage 1920 micro petit point purse with intricately carved French celluloid frame  Josef 1940 1950 beaded embroidered evening purse enameled frame


Petit point purse hand made in England 1800 stitches per square inch  

This purse is a masterfully embroidered creation, in which it took the embroiderer much talent and months, if not a year, to bring this rather large purse to completion. This handbag comes with it's original LKW company card, giving authenticity to this purse, stating without doubt that it was hand made with 1800 stitches to the square inch. It isn't often that I acquire these exquisite pieces, in fact, it has been over a decade since I have purchased an English petit point purse that could compare. So if you are a collector of these finer micro petit point purses, this one deserves your attention and consideration. You will receive it in divine condition, professionally cleaned and refreshed, without wear, or apologies. The depth and intricacies of color on this purse are beyond amazing and the scene is an unusual one indeed. Rarely do you see horses and riders of this magnitude on a petit point purse.


This purse is sewn onto a gold tone frame and it is well attached at all points. The pierced decorative clasp is a pull back to open style and although it has a slight bit of a tilt to it, it opens and closes as it should with a solid snap, I detect no problem whatsoever. The frame is in great condition, straight and right with a sweet etched design, all showing only minimum signs of aging. In the close-ups, you can see how really tiny these silk stitches are and so very refined. This is some of the best precision workmanship I have seen. And don't think that I over emphasized the colors, these photos are true to what you can expect. The tone of the purse is incredibly vivid, showing every color in the spectrum and then some. The perimeter border of roses and florals is astounding with color and the roses are presented in a deep rich wine purple, a color sometimes referred to as "sterling". The sky, as well, is stunning, so alive and realistic. This purse presents a lot of depth to the scenery and the grass almost seems to be growing off the purse, it's so alive and dimensional.


The background has 2 castles, as shown in the photos above. One in the far background with a deer leaping in the foreground. The other is way up on a hill appearing a little closer in the scenery. Below the castle on the hill are 2 woman watching as the riders pass by. They are standing along side a columned terrace, one woman having her hands on her hip and it seems she is showing a little attitude. And speaking of those riders, it is very unusual to see horses and riders on a petit point purse that are sized this large. Typically they are in the background of the scenery or pulling a carriage and very small in scale but this time the focus is on the riders and their horses, as they are no doubt hunting for deer. In England, hunting on horseback was a huge past time, even for the royals and since we see castles in the background, I suspect this is a depiction of the royal hunt, as the Queens of England were well known to ride during these events.


Women were seldom depicted on horseback, making this a rarer scene. The outer perimeter band of 1 1/4 inches, connecting the front and back panels, displays a coordinating row of roses an florals, all in gorgeous condition, including the piping. The interior lining is a high quality ivory satin, it has pockets on both sides and a lipstick slot. This purse has been professionally cleaned and is as bright as it can be, without fading, all for your enjoyment. When I acquired this purse, it did have some age related discolor around where the satin was closest to the metal framing but most of that discolor washed out. There may be hints of aging left behind but for the most part, the lining is wonderful. This would be considered a larger petit point purse, stuffed with tissue it measures 6 1/4 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom, 9 1/2 inches across the bottom, 9 3/8 inches across the frame and the slinky styled chain handle drops the purse by about 4 1/2 inches. This is a magnificent English micro petit point purse that will add excitement and depth to your wardrobe accessories or treasured collection of finer, more distinguished vintage purses.

  Vintage 1940 English micro petit point purse horses

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