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Antique Butterfly Glass Beaded Purse Early 1900's

Vintage Beaded Handbag, Butterflies and Flowers

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Antique beaded purse butterflies and flowers 1900

This early 1900's antique beaded purse is the best butterfly handbag I have offered in some time. It's so hard to find these luscious vintage purses with so much life and animation, this one is truly gorgeous and fit for your fine collection of antique bags.


I'm showing you lots of photos so you can judge this beauty as worthy and I am quite pleased with how well these pictures depict this stunning and lively portrayal. The background bead is a sparkling charcoal cut and faceted gray black glass bead. They are simply twinkling at every angle. The tiny white specks you see in the photos are the beads glistening and you can expect to see a lot of this when you have the purse in your hands, every charcoal bead wants to reflect light as the purse moves. This background color really pops the stark and colorful flowers which include tones of pink, coral, burgundy, orange red, yellow, gold and brown amber. The butterflies are in flight, hovering above the flowers and they are made of royal cobalt blue, red, burgundy, golden amber, brown, baby blue and a scattering of pink. These butterflies are stunning and are exhibited in 2 different forms, one being more of a profile.


Both sides of this purse are the same design and both sides are shown in my photos. The original golden brassy frame is embossed on all sides. It is structurally strong and has no trouble supporting this purse. The kissing clasp functions normally and the purse opens and closes with a good snap. The metal maintains wonderful color, no issues to report, no problems with the frame. The purse is well attached at all points and shows no weaknesses. This beaded handbag has been professionally cleaned and now carries only a scent of Springtime freshness. The condition is superb, hard to find them nicer, no damages, no snags and no apparent bead loss, however, out of the thousands of tiny glass on this purse, perhaps there are one or two missing but nothing that I notice.


The original fringe work is all intact and seems to be well in place. I did not pass a thread through these fringes, as they seem to be holding up well and had no problems during the cleaning of the purse. The original lining was gone so I chose a color that is not displaying well in my photo. The true color is a deep turquoise green and it is trimmed with a gorgeous embroidered lace that borders the lining. The cobalt blue in the lace trim pulls the colors together as it matches the tone in the butterflies. All restored aspects of this purse were stitched by hand as they should be. This beautiful and striking antique beaded purse measures 11 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the fringe, 7 inches across the frame and the chain handle drops the purse by over 6 inches. These types of antique purses have no side gusset, they lay flat so they will carry only your "must have" accessories. Once again, this is a splendid and stunning vintage butterfly beaded purse, from the early 1900's, please consider adding it to your beloved treasury of purses.


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