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    Antique Austrian Petit Point Scenic Purse
    Elegant Hand Stitched Handbag, ca. 1930

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Antique Austrian petit point purse classical figural scene 

Although this micro petit point purse is unmarked and carries no label, I believe it was made in Austria during the approx. 1930 era, it could be older. The theme of the purse and the style of the clasp says Austria. Yes, I could be wrong but it's an Austrian purse to me. I'm going to be saying some things that might make this purse sound "shabby chic" but let me be clear..... yes, it certainly is chic..... no, it is not shabby. This purse has been loved, used and taken care of, but it does show a bit of it's years.

Vintage petit point scenic purse Ed B Robinson  Vintage 1920 micro petit point purse with intricately carved French celluloid frame 


Austrian petit point purse 1920 - 1930 scenic purse  Petit point purse classical figural scene Austrian

This purse has been professionally cleaned to the best of my ability. I am very picky about what I offer and this purse is ready to be loved and cherished again. The colors are as vibrant as the day it was completed. This purse would have taken many months to create with these very tiny micro petit point stitches. This purse is bright but the cleaning did not remove a few discoloration, upon studying the purse, you will find them. They can be hard to photograph and hard to detect in general since the eyes are drawn to the beauty of the purse and all the detail that the scenery and double borders have to offer. Some of the discoloration blends and it is not severe or offensive in my opinion but it is there. Since the background shade is an antique ivory, with it's own natural patina, everything really looks quite acceptable. But for clarity and accuracy, there are a few discoloration and slight patina.

Antique 1930 peit point purse figural scene  Austrian scenic petit point handbag

The double perimeter border sets this purse apart from others. I don't acquire that characteristic too often. It truly gives the sense that the scene is matted and framed. These borders have little people in them and some have wings, all the colors coordinate gorgeously with the classical themed scene.  The outer perimeter border is loaded with roses. I don find any damages, splits, wears or issues with the petit point anywhere. Both sides of the purse have the same designs but the backside has aged more gracefully and shows nearly nothing in discolor. In person, you might find that the purse is more striking, with nicer depth and crisper color than I could show.  I tried to make the purse look older and accurate in my photos.  I would rather overstate the flaws than have you disappointed.

 Petit point purse 1930 made in Austria  Antique Austria petit point purse classical scene

The golden tone brassy frame has a push back to open pierced clasp which is common to Austrian purses. The frame opens and closes perfectly fine but maybe the exactness of the frame isn't as perfect as it once was but I'm being picky and it's fine. The interior is lined with a linen type fabric, it has 2 pockets, all in the shade of linen. It also looks vintage, it has patina along the edge of the frame and there is one small fray at the right side arm of the frame. This is a completely usable purse with care. This purse cannot be over stuffed, if it is, it will be damaged eventually. This is a purse, in it's time, that would go to the opera or other gala event. Women didn't carry much back then but it will carry the absolute necessities. Stuffed with tissue, as shown, it measures 7 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom , 8 inches across the frame, 7 1/2 across the bottom, the side gusset is only 3/4 of an inch and the carry chain handle drops this purse by 5 1/2 inches.  This lovely classically themed petit point purse with double borders has plenty going for it: damage free petit point, professionally cleaned and we already know it's lovable. Please consider adding it to your treasury of preserved vintage purses.

Petit point scenic purse made in Austria  Austrian petit point handbag 1930 scenic

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