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     Vintage 1930 - 1940 Scenic Petit Point Purse
     Made in France exclusively for Ed B Robinson

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Ed B Robinson petit point scenic purse 1930's 

This well constructed petit point purse was hand made in France during the approx. 1930 - 1940 era, hand embroidered exclusively for Ed B Robinson. I have admired this well known purse designer for 2 decades and I have offered many of his finer French purses. This micro petit point example is in as good a condition as can be found, preserved in a formidable collection of superior vintage handbags. And my photos do not exaggerate the intensity of the color tones or anything else for that matter.

Vintage 1930's petit point scenic figural purse antique  Vintage 1920 micro petit point purse with intricately carved French celluloid frame


  Vintage Ed B Robinson petit point scenic purse  Ed B Robinson 1930 petit point figural purse

There is so much activity and diverse color on this purse, that at times my camera struggled, even though I used finer settings. Nonetheless, my photos give an accurate portrayal of this fascinating hand stitched creation. Imagine the mental focus it took to complete a purse with this much detail. I have not counted the stitches but they have to be a minimum of 1600 to the square inch, at least, these are very tiny micro stitches and they are very snug together. The borders on this purse are a sight to behold, very unique. The figural scene is that of a meandering pathway, 5 people, 2 horses and a background full of architectural elements and nature, truly astounding. The same scene graces each side but there may be color differences particularly in the use of color in the trees. I am showing both sides of this purse.

 Ed B Robinson petit point firgural scenic evening handbag  Vintage petit point purse by Ed B Robinson scenic

The golden brassy toned frame is different than what I usually find. The clasp must be slid sideways to open and slide back to center to close. Although the frame is somewhat simpler, it is embossed with delicate designs and it does not compete with the intricate detailing on this purse. All of the mechanical functions of this frame are in solid working order and this type of closure offers extra security when carrying. The purse is secure to the frame at all points, basically this purse looks like it could have been made recently but of course, it was not.

Vintsge petit point purse 1930 Ed B Robinson  Figural scenic petit point purse by Ed B Robinson

The detailed borders are like none I have seen before. I will let my photos describe them and their ribbon-like effect. This is a captivating purse that I believe any serious collector would adore. I really can't find anything to make an apology for. If there is any discolor on this purse, it is nearly undetectable, barely, a tiny spot anywhere. This purse arrive to me in superior condition, I have done no further cleaning, this purse has been well handled and properly preserved. It's previous owner recognized it's beauty and the talent it took to make a purse of this quality.

Petit point scenic purse Ed B Robinson  Ed B Robinson petit point handbag 1930's

The interior sports an excellent quality watered silk faille lining, with designer label on the pocket. There is also a second pocket with lipstick slot and a matching coin purse. The chain carry handle is delightful and very French in design, very elegant touch, it drops this purse by 6 inches. This purse, as shown, measures 5 1/4 from top to bottom, 7 1/2 from side to side, the side/bottom gusset is only 5/8 of an inch. This would be considered a bit of a smaller purse but it packs a full punch of excitement and desirable detail. The condition could not possibly be any better for a purse of this age. Honestly, this one is a beauty, all hand made, from a designer that promoted fashion quality. 

Ed B Robinson designer label petit point scenic purse  Figural scenic petit point purse 1930's Ed B Robinson

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