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Whiting & Davis 1920 Enameled Mesh Purse

Vintage Art Deco Checkered Pattern Mesh Handbag

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Whiting & Davis made some delightful Art Deco enameled mesh purses and this is a splendid example straight from the 1920 era. This pattern, of soft white and black alternating checkered squares, continues to maintain popularity amongst today's collectors.



My photos show all the color and details very well. The white on the body of the purse is a soft creamy white, while the white on the frame is definitely brighter. The enamel is shiny and reflective, bouncing some light off during the photo shoot. The close-up photos of the frame show these tones very well. The frame is also fully enameled with a coordinating theme of brighter white and black. I am showing both sides of the frame because there is a little bit of paint wear on each side, I want you to see exactly what to expect. The enamel wear is minimal in my opinion and it's very hard to find these decorated frames that do not have some, usually it's far more significant but this purse is not too bad at all.


I love the way the frame is sculpted with those great step down corners. The pattern is the same on both sides and is clearly representative of the 1920 Art Deco era. It has a nice all-over pattern, with the colors being strong, just a few links will have any loss or fading, mostly in the area of the hinges, as is common. The tiny mesh tiles are secure at all points and along the frame, including the hinge area, no gaps, it is complete and sound. The clasp and chain handle are silver toned and have been polished, all mechanical elements work as it should.


The bottom of the purse is finished with a seven point Van Dyke fringe. The interior of the frame is coated with a soft white enamel wash and the Whiting & Davis impressed insignia is clearly visible. This vintage mesh handbag measures 7 inches in total length by 4 inches across the frame. Overall, this is really a fabulous mesh bag, first time I've acquired one with this type of painted frame as they are not readily available and don't show up very often. Please consider adding this one to your treasury of unique purses.


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