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Vintage Whiting & Davis Enameled Mesh Handbag

Structurally Perfect With Art Nouveau Designs

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I had a little bit of trouble getting these photos to show accurately but I think I finally got them to show fairly well. This is an early Whiting & Davis enameled mesh handbag that exhibits the perfect transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco. The tiny little mesh squares are all intact, no gaps or detachments and the interior has it's little metal tag still attached.



The colors on this mesh purse are orange and black, the background hues are difficult to describe, the center is a soft white but the greater portion of the background is a tannish flesh tone that takes on a faint greenish tint in the night light. Almost seems to change coloring as you walk around with it and the lighting has a lot to do with that. For the most part, this purse has maintained most of it's enamel. There are a few links here and there that have lost their paint, primarily at the hinge area and there is some general fading of the enamel toward the upper edge near the frame. I think my photos make it look worse than it really is, most tiles still have some paint so it's really just some rubbing and  fading of the enamel.


The designs on this purse are very illustrative of the Art Nouveau era, the curves and the swirls are quite apparent but the bottom is finished off with an 8 point Van Dyke fringe which expresses the Art Deco era. The frame, however, is purely Art Nouveau and the middle and side sections have a soft pale wash on it, the same color as the background, a tannish flesh tone. Much of that paint on the frame is intact with a little wear here and there. I really like the way the frame is fashioned with both recessed and embossed details. The frame is silver toned and has been cleaned, although my photos do not seem to show that very well. There may be a bit of tarnish remaining but basically the frame is in very nice clean condition with a lovely sheen. The interior maintains the original Whiting & Davis metal tag, as shown. The mesh bag has  good size and measures 7 in total length by 5 inches across the frame, the chain handle drops 7 inches. Structurally, this mesh purse is perfect and if you can accept a little enamel loss or fading, this is a wonderful early example from the Art Nouveau era.


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