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Dynamic Turquoise Blue Glass Beaded Purse

Early 1900's Paneled Swag Style Handbag

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This 1910 - 1920 hand knit glass beaded purse portrays a design that is ever so popular with today's vintage purse buyers. The swag styled handbags were knit in may different patterns, this one has multiple sized vertical panels with the larger rows being in alternating reverse position.



This particular design makes for a striking presentation but the color is what sets this purse apart from others. This deep and extreme turquoise blue was rather difficult to capture correctly and your screen could be showing it a little different in tone. Nonetheless, this is the most radiant turquoise that I have seen, all blue, no green in these beads, at least not in my lighting. The cut and faceted glass beads shimmer and shine with life, although a bit of a smaller purse, it's very dramatic. The lover of deep vivid blue should be most happy to acquire this bag. The overall look is quite charismatic and the beads have been knit on a beige background thread.


The bead work is in very good, sound condition, with no apparent losses. I did take a couple of stitches to better secure 2 snags but this purse is overall in very fine shape, with no weaknesses or serious issues to be concerned about. The silver toned frame has been polished to a glowing shade, there is not much tarnish remaining on this frame, in fact, the entire purse has been professionally cleaned and carries only a scent of freshness. The frame has a kissing style closure and all outer sides of the metal are beautifully embossed with delicate small florals and leaves. The frame is in good working order with no damages or repairs.


The interior maintains it's original silk lining, in a gray blue tone. It appears to be in reasonably good condition for it's age with no staining or significant wearing. There are a couple of pin pricks in the silk and it does have age appropriate thinning, primarily in the area of the hinges. However, I feel this lining will maintain for awhile if you want to carry it now and then and don't over fill it. If you just want to add it to your collection, it's nice to have the original fabric still intact. The original inner trimming was nearly gone so I added a lovely soft blue decorative border. This vibrant vintage knit swag beaded purse measures 5 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom, 5 inches across the frame and the French style chain handle drops 6 inches. This bag has a smaller interior so you will carry only your absolute essentials, perhaps a lipstick and a small hanky. Women didn't have much to carry during the early 1900's, purses were designed for their lifestyles and needs. I believe the next owner will be happy to add this charming, yet dazzling blue, purse to their wardrobe accessories.


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