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Ed B Robinson Designer Evening Handbag 1930 - 1940

Vintage French White Beaded Purse with Porcelain Frame

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Vintage 1930 1940 Ed B Robinson French white beaded purse with Limoges heart shaped porcelain pendant 

It won't be very often that you'll have the opportunity to acquire one of these rare and delightfully romantic purses. This one is presented by the illustrious designer Ed B Robinson and this purse expresses exactly why I have come to admire this well known purse designer. This elegant and exclusive beaded evening purse was hand made in France during the 1930 - 1940 era and is made with soft yet bright white tiny seed beads which have a luminous and light reflective sheen.

Vintage Josef white beaded evening handbag with sparkling pastel flowers  Vintage 1930 1940 black beaded French evening purse with enameled ribbon frame



Some of my photos are showing the white too stark, it is a softer, more snowy white tone. The all over white beading is in very nice condition, barely a bead or two missing, however, nothing obviously noticeable. This purse has been professionally cleaned and is in very respectable condition. There are a few, small minor, faint discolors at the very bottom of the purse, they do not effect the front or back of the purse and they go easily unnoticed. Obviously, this purse is all about the frame, with it's heavy beadwork and that gorgeous and unique Limoges heart shaped porcelain pendant. There is a small dark spot on the frame, as seen, but it seems to be showing a bit darker in my photos than what it really is. This is only the second purse I have ever discovered with one of these Limoges heart shaped porcelain pieces. It is decorated with a Fragonard figural romance scene and if you look closely with a magnifier, you will see the Fragonard signature.


The porcelain pendant is in damage free condition and has just a little gold wear at the top, where the pendant would hang. The artwork is in lovely vintage condition and the paint is really quite nice. The beadwork on the frame is done in white, gold and clear. The beads are attached to the frame with silver wire, so this gives the clear beads a silver tone. This frame is the spring tension style and functions well on a piano type hinge, which spans the width of the frame, as shown is the photo of the backside of the purse. All mechanical elements of this purse work as they should and the spring tension clasp closes the purse properly. This purse carries with a soft hand, the beading is pliable and supple, and remember, the beading is a soft snowy white, not a stark white.


The interior maintains it's white or nearly white satin lining, with dual pockets and labels, one being the Ed B Robinson designer label. The lining is spotless and shows little or no signs of age or usage. This purse comes with a fully beaded handle and I have secured all of the connections for worry free usage. Stuffed with tissue, this French designer beaded evening bag measures 5 inches in height, 8 in width along the bottom, 7 inches across the frame, the side gusset is about an inch and a half and the beaded handle drops 5 inches. This beautiful and rare white beaded purse, with it's romantic heart shaped Limoges porcelain pendant, is the epitome of high fashion. I would expect that the bride to be, would be most pleased to acquire this treasure, or perhaps you cannot resist adding this romantic vintage treasure to your favorite wardrobe accessories, it's irresistible and a "one of a kind".


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