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Vintage French Beaded Evening Purse 1940 - 1950

Romantic White Handbag with Porcelain Clasp

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French elegant beaded purse with Limoges porcelain clasp 

Some of the hand beaded French evening purses are elegant based solely on their simplicity and a single romantic element, as is the case with this stylish example from the 1940 - 1950 era. This bright, snowy white, all beaded handbag, is comprised of glistening and light reflective glass beads that are tightly stitched together, in such a way, that they appear dimensional and slightly heaping. This purse has a wonderful tone of pure white and it has been professionally and thoroughly cleaned for your enjoyment.

Vintage Josef white beaded evening handbag with sparkling pastel flowers  Vintage 1930 1940 black beaded French evening purse with enameled ribbon frame


1940 1950 French white beaded evening bag with Limoges porcelain clasp 

I can't help but imagine this purse in the hands of a bride on her very special day. Or perhaps you would like to carry it on your next ocean cruise, island vacation, or when you attend that summer garden party on a glistening sunny day. The abstract leaf-like pattern is created with the use of clear crystal glass beads and that pattern runs it's course around the entire purse. All beading appears to be intact and this purse suffers no bead loss, discolorations or other negatives that would take from it's beauty or compromise it's integrity. This purse is in sound structural condition and carries with a medium hand, not too soft and not stiff at all. And please remember that this purse has a lot of luminous, light reflective qualities to the glass beads.


The fold over clasp is in proper working order and opens and closes as it should. The hinge is on the backside of the purse, the clasp raises up and over the top of the frame to clasp on the front side. This clasp is dressed, in the central arena, with a Limoges porcelain disc in a prong setting. It is painted with a romance depiction from the famous Fragonard art scenes. The outer perimeter of the disc is further enhanced with a twisted braid of gold and white glass beadwork and that beading covers the entire clasp, all the way to the backside. The clasp is secure and in it's correct position, even if it looks a little off kilter in my photo, it is not. While taking photos, I did notice a coupe of threads but I will check that out and be sure that everything is right and secured as it should be.


This purse has a smaller bottom depth and side gusset, so you will carry only your absolute necessities in this evening bag. Although it has a slinky style carry chain handle, this purse has the feel of a clutch and will want to persuade you to hold it in your hands, as it it somewhat huggable. The gold tone metal framing is in good vintage condition, showing subtle signs of aging but nothing naughty. The interior ivory satin lining has a single double walled pocket and it's French label. Although this purse has been entirely cleaned, the lining does show small signs of usage and that this purse was generally loved, but the condition of the exterior says it was truly well cared for. Stuffed with tissue, as shown, this purse measures only 4 1/2 inches from top to bottom, 8 1/2 inches at it's widest, 7 inches across the frame, it has a 1 inch side gusset and the chain handle drops the purse by 4 1/2 inches. If you've been wanting a truly white, stain free, simple yet elegant vintage French beaded evening purse, with porcelain on the frame, please consider this lovely and enchanting 1940's to 1950's example.

Vintage French hand beaded elegant evening purse  Vintage bridal white and porcelain clasp beaded evening handbag

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