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 Vintage Petit Point Floral Vanity Compact Carryall Purse

 Dual Sided Evening Handbag 1940 Fashion Accessory

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Vintage 1930 1940 floral petit point carryall compact vanity purse 

This is a delightful vintage 1940's compact vanity carryall purse. It certainly makes a fashion statement with it's hand decorated front and back sides. The micro petit point floral display is soft yet is quite radiant and each side of this handbag has different color tones. The stitch count is marvelous with at least 40 to the inch or 1600 to the square inch, I had a hard time to count them they are so tiny.



The needlework on this case is in excellent damage free condition and only shows small and subtle age discoloration. My photos are very good and exhibit accurately all aspects of this vanity bag. Two exquisite features of this carryall is that the petit point has been worked on both sides of the purse and although the pattern is the same, some of the coloring is different, as shown in my photos. My pictures are showing the unique Art Nouveau styled designs beautifully and the very nice condition of this carryall. I do not detect any problems with the stitches, everything is secure and I have cleaned this purse to the best of my ability. Even though I find no markings on this purse, the well recognized Schildkraut company was well known for their hand worked petit point carryalls and their paper labels were often removed.


These 2 photos show the color differences with the background colors at the corner designs. The Wedgwood blue would be the front side of the purse. The 2 photos also show the very subtle age discolorations but I think they appear to be more faint in person. For the most part, this vanity compact carryall purse is in very good vintage condition, well kept and preserved. I find no wear, tear, frays, dents, corrosion or significant problems with the purse, it is simply a fabulous treasure to be admired and used.


The interior is fully loaded with all it's original accessories to include a loose lipstick tube, which still has remnants of color inside. I will leave that little cleaning to it's next owner. The change purse has a sleeve that carries the little celluloid comb. The powder well opens and closes as it should and has slight signs of powder inside. The golden tone brassy metal is in lovely condition and suffers no negative issues. All hinges and clasps function properly. The metal cover for the rear compartment shows a good strong reflection for applying your make-up.


This carryall has one of those powder wells that lifts up to reveal the hidden storage space for that extra $20.00 bill you want to hide. The mirror pulls forward to reveal the cigarette compartment, an area that comes in handy for many accessories like credit card, license, etc... All closed up, this petit point carryall evening purse measures 5 in length by 3 in height, has a depth of of an inch and the slinky style handle drops 4 inches. If you are looking for something more unique in a vintage compact carryall vanity purse, please consider this stylish and fashionable example from the 1940 era.


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