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Vintage 1920 - 1930's Vanity Compact Purse

Dance Purse, Powder Wells, Lipsticks, Mirror

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Vintage compact purse vanity dance enameled purse 

I'm delighted to offer you this wonderful, well preserved and cared for vintage 1920 - 1930's compact vanity purse. This example is as lovely as they come and in such nice condition, with wee or very little signs of age. Only when tipped to the light will you even see any small scratches or tiny inconspicuous flaws. Overall, this compact purse is in extremely fine condition, cleaned and polished for your enjoyment.


Enameled compact vanity dance purse vintage 1920 1930  

My photos are very good and show all of the details but please excuse the color and light reflections, especially to the damage free enamel disc. The front of this purse is enhanced with a sweet oval black enameled plaque with a single hand painted pink burgundy rose. This oval disc measures 1 inch from side to side by 1/2 inch and is an elegant addition to this compact purse. This hard bodied case is bright and shiny, polished up like a high class brass. I don't know the metal content of this purse, as there are no markings but I can attest to it's finer quality. The exterior is decorated with engine turned patterns, to both the front and back sides, offering a hint of the Art Deco era.

Vintage compact purse  

The outer perimeter sides are deeply embossed with a leave design that has Art Nouveau styled detailing. Overall, the condition is very good, no damages or significant wear, it is in extra special condition. Although it has been used, it has also been well cared for, no damages or abuse is noted on this lovely vintage compact purse. The brassy gold tone metal case has no signs of deterioration but tip it to the light and you will see a few very minor scratches or a scuff, primarily to the backside, truly nothing distracting or naughty at all. The case opens and closes well, with a solid snap and the carry handle is in excellent secure condition.

Vintage compact purse with mirror, powder wells, lipsticks 

The interior is as appealing as the remainder of this purse. It offers 2 powder wells, 2 removable lipstick tubes and a full sized usable mirror displaying a clear image. The mirror has a little tab for pulling forward, which exposes a roomy compartment for your money, hanky or small accessory. On the backside of the mirror you will see the original owners name beautifully inscribed, Helen Pfeiffer. The interior is splendid and in very nice condition, the outer metal rim around the mirror has a couple of tiny dents but otherwise, everything is quite nice. This compact purse carries with a fancy chain handle, like I've seen used on French made purses, and it drops the purse by about 4 1/2 inches. I cannot find a maker's mark on this purse but it has all the attributes of being French made. All closed up, it measure 3 inches by 2 inches, with a depth of 3/4 of an inch. This is a worthy compact vanity dance purse that will add a touch of excitement to your wardrobe accessories or vintage purse collection.

                    Vintage 1920 1930 compact vanity purse

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