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   Victorian Cherubs Silver Toned Purse Frame

  Antique Frame With Sew Holes for Your Handbag

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This is an elaborate Victorian era antique purse frame from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. It is a charming piece of metal work for your next purse project. I can't say without a doubt the type of metal but it looks to be a white metal or pot metal. It could be silver plated, as it was very tarnished when I acquired it. I have cleaned and polished it but not too much, I did not want to remove all of the patina, as it looks quite lovely as is. The frame is completely silvery gray in color and it has sew holes all around each side for attaching your favorite vintage purse or custom made creation.



Both sides of this frame are decorated in the same fashion with a scenic Victorian cherub or children motif at the mid section of the frame. Flanking this central theme are carved flowers as well as fancy pierced decorations that characterize the Art Nouveau era. You can see that there are an adequate amount of sew holes which run along the bottom edging of the frame. I suspect that this elaborate purse frame was made to originally carry a beaded, velvet or some other fabric handbag, it certainly would look rich with a black velvet bag. This frame has a very pleasant and graceful shape with beautiful flowing lines. I'm showing you lots of photos so you can see all the intricate and complex details.


The closure is constructed of two flower buds and petals which come together rather snugly and close this frame with a solid snap. The original carry chain handle is a well made arrangement of loops which gives the handle a bit of a chunky appearance and you can just tell it will easily support a larger or heavier handbag. The hinges and chain attachments are all in good form, as they should be. The overall condition is very fine and well preserved for it's age. The only thing to mention is a bit of stubborn tarnish in some of the deeper crevices and grooves but overall, this frame looks very nice for it's type and age. I don't see any dents, distortions or issues of concern.


The interior of the frame has somewhat of a brushed finish. I don't see any markings on this frame, nothing that would indicate where it was made. This frame does not equal in quality to the sterling silver or 800 silver frames that have a similar design but this frame is very well made, very sturdy and has an attractive Victorian appeal. This is not a chintzy purse frame and the last 2 photos are showing each side. Measurements are as follows: over 7 inches across at it's widest part, 6 inches across the hinges, 5 inches from one sew hole across to the other sew hole at the hinges, the side arms are approx. 3 inches in length, 2 inches from the top of the clasp to the mid sew hole, and the chain handle drops 7 inches. If you require additional measurements, please ask. This antique Victorian cherubs purse frame shows the influence of the Art Nouveau era, please consider adding it to your purse collection or perhaps you have the perfect beaded purse for it.


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