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Antique butterfly beaded purse flowers and butterflies 

Striking Antique Butterfly Beaded Purse, ca. early 1900

A stunning vintage beaded purse from the very early 1900's
bold depiction of bright and cheerful flowers in full bloom,
dual butterflies in flight with radiant contrasting tones,
sparkling charcoal black background bead glistens with life,
bottom decorated with complete coordinated fringe work,
golden brassy embossed frame is strong and supportive,
interior newly lined in deep rich turquoise green silk and
trimmed with the finest embroidered lace border,
all elements are hand stitched and in impeccable condition,
professionally cleaned and all the buyer could hope for,
click the photo and review all the details about this purse.

Item  PS5-126 E          This item is sold, sorry no longer available        Place Order via Email

1920 Peacock beaded draw string on black satin

Vintage Peacock Beaded Draw String

Oh so feminine, functional and clean,
in perfect condition for any special event,
for dress up or your favorite designer jeans,
beading worked on black satin, solid satin top,
lovely silk lining, sparkling array of colors.

Item  PS5-126 B                    $345.00    $265.00         Place Order via Email

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